Fertility clinics should not be allowed to provide treatment for women past the normal age of childbirth

The average age limit for women to have natural childbirth is estimated at about 40-45. As discussions about in-vitro-fertilisation for women past that age have arisen, it has become clear that fertility clinics should not be allowed to provide treatment for women past that stage for several reasons.

A woman’s body is designed in a way that allows her to produce a foetus while she is between approximately 12 and 45. Before this age, her body is not fully developed and later it is slowly being weakened by different circumstances, one of them being time. A woman’s body is not designed in this way for fun, but for a reason – after the production of eggs has stopped, both the woman’s body and mind slowly start regressing to a state in which she no longer can take care of a child that needs her complete attention.

In addition, the chance of losing a parent due to his age increases enormously for the in-vitro-child. Thus the risk of a child growing up as a (half-)orphan cannot be ignored. Although technology and science both are continuously in the process of developing, they still cannot parents a healthy life until the age of 90 (and will not be able to in the next few years).

From the child’s perspective on this situation, it becomes clear that being raised by older parents is connected to several disadvantages, one of them being that they differ from other children their age. In school, children are often judged by their looks, but also by their family. And having parents as old as other children’s grandparents leads to bad jokes, painful experiences and finally to children being ashamed of where they come from. Apart from the comparison to others, children have to accept certain drawbacks in the parental behaviour. They may not be able to play football with them, go shopping for several hours or go on trips. Accordingly, the children have to make adjustments all the time. Obviously, some parents manage to remain vital until old age, but the average senior at least partly lacks in physical and mental fitness. And children should not be forced to experience less that they deserve, simply because their parents ignored natural precautions and decided to start a new family, even when they are not necessarily able to.

Furthermore, IVF-children early are forced into the roles of adults. When parents get older, they have to pass on some of the responsibilities and chores to their children, because they are not able to fulfil them any more. Therefore, not only they have to make adjustments, their children also have to. They have to take over some domestic chores and are burdened with financial problems. Particularly now, in times of modern technology constantly developing, older people may not be able to catch up. Younger parents are more likely to be able to do so.

To sum up, giving birth to a child when not being naturally able to any more, is – if not irresponsible – at least the cause of serious problems for both parents and children. Therefore, it should not be medically supported, as this wish for a IVF-child primarily originates from parents longing for their dream to come true. Children should not be born just so their parents can be happy.


~ von amhránaí - Januar 18, 2011.

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